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Mirsevini ne Lojra.co - Luaj ne me shume se 2,203 lojra . Ketu do te gjeni lojra online falas, duke perfshire lojra per djem, per vajza me barbi, lojra aksion, gara te ndryshme, lojra me motorra, makina, sportive, me futboll, lojra lufte, lojra me qitje, shkathtesie, enigme, me veshje, gatime, lojra per femije, lojra puzzle, lojra interneti dhe shume me teper, per te gjitha moshat dhe qe te gjitha falas ne Lojra.co

Lojra Sportive
lojra Football Madness
Football Madness - Choose a player Rick or Joe. Use the arrow keys to move ...
(Luajtur: 3,412 here)
lojra Fast Sack Attack
American Football - The aim of this NFL game is very simple: Avoid being sack...
(Luajtur: 2,502 here)
lojra Red Bull Crashed Ice
Skate against 3 opponents, and try to win the race. Very nice graphics!
(Luajtur: 30,108 here)
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Lojra te Ndryshme
lojra Jump Duck
Jump Duck-Last as long as you can by jumping or ducking oncoming obstacles. U...
(Luajtur: 3,672 here)
lojra Freaky Football
Freaky Football - In Freaky Football game your target is scoring a touch down...
(Luajtur: 3,374 here)
lojra Football Rush
Play Football Rush - Score the winning touchdown! Use arrow keys to run playe...
(Luajtur: 3,617 here)
Me shume Lojra te Ndryshme
Lojra Aftesish
lojra Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Play the Who Wants to be a Millionaire gameshow game online.
(Luajtur: 18,204 here)
lojra Pimp My BMW M5
See if you have the skills to blend the best bodywork on this nice Bmw M5.
(Luajtur: 36,758 here)
lojra Star Gazer
Star Gazer
(Luajtur: 9,147 here)
Me shume Lojra Aftesish
Lojra Aksion
lojra Rambo Fight
Trapped in the jungle with hundreds of guys out to kill you - take 'em out Ra...
(Luajtur: 15,185 here)
lojra Spiderman Dark Side
Spider Man- city raid. You must help Dark Spider Man to pass with him's web a...
(Luajtur: 38,219 here)
lojra Sub Wars
Sub Wars
(Luajtur: 11,827 here)
Me shume Lojra Aksion
Lojra Arcade
lojra Tom and Jerry Trap-O-Matic
Remember that board game Mousetrap? Help Tom build a fun and complex trap to ...
(Luajtur: 47,375 here)
lojra Super Mario Kart Xtreme
A fun Mario game, avoid the obstacles and enemies.
(Luajtur: 18,841 here)
lojra Flappy
Quickly clicking your mouse button, help Flappy to pop all the balloons witho...
(Luajtur: 8,567 here)
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Lojra Argetuese
lojra Scooby Big Air Snow Show
Scooby Big Air Snow Show
(Luajtur: 10,591 here)
lojra Scooby Doo Big Air
Scooby Doo Big Air
(Luajtur: 14,058 here)
lojra Mario Adventure 2
Play Mario Adventure 2
(Luajtur: 44,106 here)
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Lojra Casino
lojra Deal or No Deal
Feeling lucky today? Try your luck in this popular game show! Same as the ...
(Luajtur: 10,882 here)
lojra Fruit Slots

Use your mouse to click on the chips you want to use and place them in th...
(Luajtur: 17,140 here)
lojra Dasiy Poker

(Luajtur: 16,276 here)
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Lojra me Barbi
lojra Mermaidia Barbie Fairytopia
It is so dark here in Crustal Cove! Let's make it bright and pretty, so we ca...
(Luajtur: 3,056 here)
lojra Barbie Summer
Summer is coming. Barbie wants to go to the beach.
(Luajtur: 2,153 here)
lojra Barbie Room Decor
Create your own bed room by your self.
(Luajtur: 4,473 here)
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Lojra me Ben 10
lojra Ben 10 Penallti
Zgjidhni heroin tuaj: Ben 10 ose Gwen dhe fillo lojen. Ki kujdes nga era, kur...
(Luajtur: 8,889 here)
lojra Ben 10 Sparskville
Qyteti eshte i sulmuar nga robotet. Neutralizoji ato nje here e mire. Perdore...
(Luajtur: 2,756 here)
lojra Loje Formuese me Ben 10
Luaj me karakteret tuaja te preferuara nga Ben 10 ne kete loje me formimin e ...
(Luajtur: 4,005 here)
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Lojra me Letra
lojra Texas Hold Em II
Texas hold em poker is the most played and most riskfull variant of poker. In...
(Luajtur: 13,685 here)
lojra 21 Deluxe
Play blackjack 21 with 4 rows at once, the objective is to get as much 21 com...
(Luajtur: 13,212 here)
lojra Texas Hold em

(Luajtur: 10,116 here)
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Lojra me Lufte
lojra Mustang Dogfight
Mustang Dogfight
(Luajtur: 15,715 here)
lojra Battle Buggy
Shoot down planes and helicopters with your Battle Buggy!
(Luajtur: 15,353 here)
lojra 3D Swat
Train yourself just like the professionals do... Shoot as many targets as pos...
(Luajtur: 23,898 here)
Me shume Lojra me Lufte
Lojra me Makina
lojra Motocross FMX
Motocross FMX
(Luajtur: 19,551 here)
lojra Speed Shot
Drive and don't hit anything
(Luajtur: 24,651 here)
lojra Barnyard
How fast can you pick up the animals to the party.
(Luajtur: 27,518 here)
Me shume Lojra me Makina
Lojra me Shah
lojra Ultimate Billiards 2
Clear the pool table before time runs out and Don't Scratch! Try to complete ...
(Luajtur: 8,711 here)
lojra Ultimate Billiards
Rack em up and try to clear the table. This is classic billiards at its best.
(Luajtur: 13,659 here)
lojra Poolpy Harzard

(Luajtur: 6,356 here)
Me shume Lojra me Shah
Lojra per Femije
lojra Sponge Bob Dutchmans
Sponge Bob Dutchmans
(Luajtur: 25,651 here)
lojra Alvin and the Chipmunks
Rock out with Alvin and his harmonica as you match the tunes
(Luajtur: 17,132 here)
lojra Raccoon Racing
Race with the kart or hovercraft over 8 different tracks in a spectacular bat...
(Luajtur: 13,476 here)
Me shume Lojra per Femije
Lojra Puzzle
lojra Bejeweled Blitz
This is the famous free Bejeweled Blitz online game where your objective is t...
(Luajtur: 2,000 here)
lojra Flash Maz
Manual Use your mouse to play this puzzle. Description Do you see the ...
(Luajtur: 10,089 here)
lojra Tetrix 2 Egyptian
Did you enjoy the original Tetris back in the day? Then you are going to love...
(Luajtur: 6,688 here)
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Lojra Animacion
lojra Halloween Safety

(Luajtur: 6,861 here)
lojra Happy Man

(Luajtur: 7,082 here)
lojra Ghetto Anatenna

(Luajtur: 2,465 here)
Me shume Lojra Animacion